The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist 2020

If you have landed on this article, it is probably because of the following reasons -: 

  • You are moving your office 
  • Your boss has told you to plan everything that is essential in moving the office
  • You are making plans about starting your business 
  • You are just curious and want to educate yourself on what goes in moving an office
  • Or none of the reasons matches the above options? (Huh! No problem, the point is that you are either moving or willing to move your office).

Well, in any case, you are here so you might as well start reading this article either for now or for your future reference for office moving. Remember; don’t stop until you reach the very end of this article. 

Office relocation can be a cumbersome process. For as exciting it may sound to be in a new location, with fresh air to breathe and feeling the warmth (or coldness) of the new place it can also load you and employees with “moving anxiety.” (DSM-V might not include this anxiety but this is a real deal.)

Office moving can get everyone working in the firm a bit worked up. Everyone loves a change until the D-day arrives and they have to actually help in getting the place done. Well, on the D-day even the most helpful coworkers could be seen buried deep into their works. So, in this case, what should come handy? 

Well, the answer is – proper planning, execution and of course hiring the experts to do the “heavy” lifting. 

Here is a list which will come in handy while you are moving to the office. 

Call a meeting, set the plan in motion

Call a meeting, set the plan in motion

A lot of people or organisations might skip this first and very crucial step which is to talk about the relocation with the team. This is extremely important since even though moving could get the team all excited but a change of location and all the movement could cause a serious lag in the work. And it is definitely not something that you want, right? 

So, talk your team through the plan of the office moving, let them know your motive, be encouraging and supportive about how the new location can do them good. Once set, churn out a collective map work of office moving.

Make a committee to take responsibility for moving

Make a committee to take responsibility for moving

It is important to either make a separate committee who will be in charge of moving. From making a list till checking everything is moved perfectly or not from one place to another

Or responsibility could be divided effectively between the office members for the work to flow efficiently. This helps build trust and also leads to strong teamwork ethics. 

A day before the D-day can be the most difficult one and thus it is extremely important to take care of the small and big things equally. 

List of responsibilities that can be divided into people -: 

  • Space should be checked appropriately before moving, which means how well can the accommodations in the new space be made. Whether it is a small space or a large space. 
  • What items could be included in the space? For instance -: How many people could be accommodated in the space? How many computers, desks, chairs, will be required and their positioning? 
  • All the furniture should be checked rigorously and whatever can be disassembled.
  • Responsibility should be distributed to someone in order to check the electricity connection, Wi-Fi connection, water connection and all the essentials at the new location so that it is not a problem. 
  • Make sure that each and every item (computers, wires, chairs, desks etc) new and old should be listed and counted properly before and after moving. 

Make sure someone from the committee or office should be present at the location so that relocation can happen smoothly

Hire professional removalist and movers

Hire professional removalist and movers

This is the most difficult and most important level to cross off the office moving checklist. Why? 

Because as important it is to hire professional service to do the work without disrupting the peace and peace of mind of the team; it is equally important to hire the right one.

The right professional moving service can make your life 100 times easier than you can even reckon. 

Here is what the best and most professional removalist and movers would do -: 

  • They know the importance and the burden of office moving could bring. Thus, they will make sure to lessen your burden. 
  • They will ask for all the items that you want to move to the new location. (Make sure to hand them a list of all the items that are to be moved; even the smallest of them.) 
  • They will ensure that each item is packed safely.
  • They will ensure that each item is transported with care to their respected place. 
  • They will make sure to ask you in advance about all the parking spaces and loading and unloading spaces
  • They will provide the best service and most affordable price for lending their services; a hassle-free experience. 
  • Most importantly, they will be specialists and professionals who will treat their customers like family and work towards the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. 
  • The best movers and packers services will ensure expertise and professionalism in the moving process ensuring guaranteed safety with no damage to the products. 

Yes, we know the checklist to hire the best professional movers and packers services can be a bit overwhelming and tiresome. 

But, you have got nothing to worry about because you have landed at the right place! (Read the URL and you’ll know what we mean!) 

Because we tick off all the boxes and we make sure that you have the best experience while you relocate. 

Do we make moving a seamless and comfortable process? 

  • Tick. Check, we promise that we make moving a seamless and comfortable process. 

So, now you know what to do and how to do it while you relocate your office.

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