The Ultimate Moving Out of State Checklist

We see how you might have searched “checklist for moving out of state” and every article or blog that you might have landed on started with how difficult the process is. They might have started a panic reaction in you for sure by planting a seed of how deciding is the easy part of moving than actually moving. 

Well, we beg to differ, not that moving out of state could be extremely easy but well we think that it is better to concentrate on the solution than the problem, which will in itself make the process a lot easier. 

Ideally, to reach a decision and tick off all the questions and dilemmas, the only way is to list out all the intensive activities that you are required to do and set a proper timeline for each. So that things get easier for moving from one city to another, here is a practical moving out of state checklist. 

  • Schedule everything well in advance -: The most practical thing you can start with is to schedule everything well in advance and then sticking to that schedule. 
  • First and foremost, pick an official date for the move and after setting a date make sure to visit the place beforehand to check everything for yourself. 
  • Make arrangements of how you are going to travel. If you have to fly or travel to another city by some other means of transport, then take care of it in advance. 
  • Schedule help for moving day or prior, if you have kids so that they are secure and their needs are met. 
  • Make a plan for staying cost-effective -: When we are moving states, it can be exciting for sure to start a new life. But simultaneously you might not want to burn a hole into your pocket by overspending just because you have not planned everything in advance. 
  • Figure out how much budget you are willing to allocate to different things. 
  • Make a list of how much you want to spend on home relocation services and also compare prices if you want to DIY a home move. 
  • Make a list of how much you want to spend on packing and unpacking services or do you want to hire professional household shifting services who will take care of all the things from A to Z. 
  • Allocate how much you want to spend on hiring extra help for the day. 
  • Make decisions now -: You might leave a lot of decisions pending just because you think there is a lot of time in hand but that is not how things work. With the major decisions, you also need to focus on the minor decisions that might create havoc at the last minute. 
  • Choose which household shifting services do you want to hire and weigh all the pros and cons of them as well. 
  • Make sure whichever packing and unpacking services that you are about to hire, their customer service reviews are good. 
  • You might not want to spend extra on transportation of your items from one state to another so make sure the home relocation service you hire provides transportation as well. If not then, it can cost you a fortune. 
  • Decide what items you want to keep, donate and discard and prepare accordingly because there is no point in taking all the things which might lay in the new space unused. 
  • Make a decision about what you want to do with your car, whether you want to take it or you want to sell it. And if you want to keep it and take your car or any other vehicle to another state how do you want to do that. Talk to your home relocation services in advance about your vehicle relocation and if that is not possible then find out services that can relocate vehicles. 

Now, if you have decided upon hiring a home relocation service, you must be wondering what all qualities you should look for? 

Choosing a reliable and best household shifting service is one of the main tasks that will decide how smooth your transition will be from one city to another. A good packing and unpacking service will ensure the inevitable outcome of the moving states. 

So here is how you can pick up the best movers and packers service -:

  • First and foremost you need to check whether the home relocation service that you are looking for is licensed or not. 
  • Second, look out for home shifting services that have professional and expert removalists. 
  • Then look for a company which can offer both moving and transportation services for moving across states and that too at affordable prices. 
  • Look for professional packing and unpacking services that will take on the responsibility of packing your stuff including the fragile items. They should also take care of huge furniture pieces and the packing and unpacking services should also bring in their own supplies (so you don’t have to pay extra!) 
  • Get quotes! 

Some extra tips that can help you in moving out of state -: 

  • Update your bank accounts and cell phone numbers. 
  • Close and clear all accounts that you might have running. 
  • Make sure to forward your mail address. 
  • Pack a box for your personal use which might come in handy when you wait for all the items to reach you. 
  • Payout your rents and also rent’s insurance at the new place. 
  • Be prepared for the new neighbourhood and if possible meet your new neighbours in advance so that in case of some emergency you have their support.
  • Make sure to pack safely all your documents, make a folder and put all the important documents in there. Don’t misplace them!
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