Is it worth moving furniture yourself?

When moving furniture around, either it is your house or your office or anything else is never considered to be an easy job. Moving is always accompanied by – laughter, tears, stress and money. Moving furniture can be tedious and it can actually take a lot of time to plan out things and what it will cost. 

But, what if we say that we have detailed a comparative plan for you. So that it becomes easier for you to move. 

 Confused? Don’t be, we’ll explain. 

 When we have to move the most important question that we have to ask ourselves is – whether we have the time, energy, resources and money to move? Or should you hire the professionals to do the “heavy” lifting? This can be tricky but we have simplified it just for you. 

 So here’s a breakdown of everything that you can possibly think. 

Let’s answer your question – Is it worth moving furniture yourself or should you hire the man with the van? 

Which is more time-efficient, moving furniture yourself or professionals?

This is one such question that everyone has on their minds. 

It goes without saying that you have a lot of other work to attend even when you have planned on moving furniture ; either between cities or within.

Doing it yourself

If you have planned to moving furniture yourself, the first thing you have to keep in mind is whether you are willing to compromise on your work to move or not? Because work will be compromised and moving will take a lot of your time and energy. 

  • You’ll have to pack all the stuff carefully.
  • You’ll have to uninstall and re-install all the furniture from one place to another.
  • You’ll have to plan things at least 1-2 months prior to moving. 
  • You’ll have to take time out from your schedule to move the stuff around 
  • You’ll need time for loading, unloading. 

Hiring professional removalists and transportation specialists

In comparison with respect to time, if you hire professional movers and packers, they will be responsible for all the work that you had to do by yourself by compromising on your work. 

What will the professional removalist and transportation specialist service do? 

  • Home movers will ensure that all your products are safely packed and transported.
  • For professionals, it takes around 2-4 hours to move 2 bedroom house 
  • Cheap removalist (in Melbourne) will uninstall and reinstall all the furniture from one place to another. 
  • They will only take a few hours to pack and unpack. 
  • They will do all the loading and unloading; you just have to book a professional service. 

So, what do you prefer now? 1-2 months of planning, heavy lifting and compromising on your work or hiring a professional and saving on your precious time?

Which is more stress-free, moving furniture yourself or hiring a professional?

Which is more stress-free, moving it yourself or hiring a professional?

Let’s cut to the chase, stress is something which will follow you like a shadow while you have to move places. 

So, what would be better – moving furniture yourself or hiring a professional? Let’s weigh the pros and cons of both.

Doing it yourself

While you are moving places, you will have to take care of the smallest of the things. You will have to plan how you will pack them and how you will have to care about the delicate furniture. You’ll literally have to tear the place down first and the stress in doing that and setting up again could put a severe dent. 

In case you plan to moving furniture yourself, what all do you have to keep in mind. 

  • You’ll have to make a list of all the items that you have to move – from the light furniture to the heavy one. 
  • You’ll have to pack them so that during transportation the items don’t get destroyed.
  • You’ll have to pack delicate items separately and will have to pack the part of the items in a box safely.
  • You’ll have to label all the boxes. 
  • You’ll have to book trucks, cars etc to move the stuff around (which can cost heavy on the pocket.) 
  • You’ll have to unpack and arrange all the stuff again in the new place. 
  • You cannot drive all vehicles on the regular driving license. 

Hiring professional removalists and transportation specialists

On the other hand, if you hire the professional service you transfer the stress on your shoulders to the trained professionals. 

  • They will take care of all the safe packing and unpacking. You’ll just have to give them a list of items to be moved, and get a quote. 
  • They will arrange their own transport for moving the furniture. 
  • They will label your boxes and take care of all the delicate items as well. 
  • They will provide you with transit, liability insurance cost as well which makes it much more stress-free work for you. 
  • They will bring their own blankets, tools and trolleys for the protection of your furniture.
  • Home movers are also punctual, professional and work for customer satisfaction. 

In short, your stress becomes their work and you can move on with ease and comfort and don’t forget you will not have to do the heavy lifting! 

Which is more cost-effective, moving furniture yourself or hiring a professional?

Money can be another essential factor that needs to be kept in mind while moving. A lot of people might have the opinion that hiring a professional removalist and transportation company can create a hole in your pocket. 

But is it really so? Let’s find out. 

Doing it yourself

When you have to move there are a lot of expenses that come into play. Buying or renting a new place is not the only thing that requires money even if you plan to take everything from your old place to the new one. Even though it might seem like that. 

Here is what you have to consider -: 

  • You’ll have to consider the cost of renting a truck, which in Melbourne can cost you around $180- $190 for weekdays and $220+ on weekends. 
  • Fuel in these transportations will cost you extra. 
  • You’ll have to pick up the truck and return it on your own which can cost you extra fuel and energy of course. 
  • Once the truck is rented to you, any damage to it would cost that you’ll have to bear, which will be around $1000. 
  • If by any chance you damage your own furniture (delicate one or heavy one) the cost of the damage would be your own too. 
  • You’ll have to bring all the boxes and protective gears to pack the items.

Hiring professional removalists and transportation specialists

On the contrary, if you hire professionals it would not bear a hole in your pocket and that is for sure.

How? Here is how -: 

  • Home movers are professionals thus they will bring their own boxes and protective gears for the packing the products and labelling them. So, you’ll not have to bear that cost. 
  • This 2-4 hours of service can cost you around $250+ which is quite affordable. You’ll have to get a quote.
  • The cost of moving will include the fuel price. 
  • The cost will also include the insurance of the products in case of damage or accident ( if you take the quote.) 
  • The cost of assembling and reassembling could also be included in the quotes which are extremely affordable.

Conclusion -: 

So, in our analyses keeping in mind all the factors listed above, cheap removalists Melbourne and transportation specialists can save you tons! So to answer the simple question,

“Is it worth moving furniture yourself?” 

The answer according to our assessment is – No. 

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