How to Make a Packing Plan When Moving?

What we need during moving to an office or home is – plan and action. But, the packing plan can be a tedious one so we have conceptualized a roadmap that can help you big time while you are planning to pack. Well, we suggest- Don’t! 

Before we start listing how you can plan to pack when moving, let us first congratulate you on a new home or office. Congratulations guys! Now that the initial greetings have been exchanged let us come to the point, i.e., how one should plan to pack while moving. 

PPA movers and packers are professional removalists and transportation specialists, so we know how to plan and execute the plan of packing for moving. This is our ultimate checklist that will help you move. 

General checklist for packing

Mark your moving date

While you are relocating, it is important to mark your calendars with the moving date. This makes the process a little easier and will help you to prioritise the work in an organised fashion. Scheduling any important work or other jobs could lend you more time in hand. 

Declutter and donate 

  • Move room by room and identify what all items you have 
  • With every room, make a list of items that you absolutely need, you need to buy and what you need to discard. 
  • Take out all the items that you do not require 
  • Make separate boxes for the items that cannot be used at all and for the items that you can donate and are in good condition. 

Decluttering is a huge part of moving home since you might not want to take stuff that is absolutely unnecessary in the new space and cramp it up.

Make a packing list

Make a list of all the items that you want to take with you while you are shifting. Think of it as that you are going on a vacation, so you have to declutter all the stuff that is not of use and have to take only the useful material with you. 

Book yourself the best removalists 

When you are shifting home or office, one thing that you need to do for packing your stuff is book yourself the best removalist service in the town. If you are in Melbourne, then removalists from the areas who can move local and interstate can help you big time. 

The problem with packing your own stuff -: Most of the time when you will be packing your own stuff to move your office or home, some major issues whether they be physical or psychological can cause an unknown obstruction. 

Some of the issues are:- 

  • Your attachment to the products/items you own 
  • The sentimental value or nostalgia that the products you have can make you not want to donate or declutter them even though you might not have used them for years and years or might not even know about their existence until recently. 
  •  You will have to arrange for the boxes, the other supplies which are required to start the tedious process of packing 
  • Other than that you will also have to unpack the stuff 
  • You will be responsible for transportation as well, which again is a  burdensome process since getting the right vehicle and then taking the responsibility of whether your stuff will reach the place safely or not is a task in itself. 

What if you do all the packing yourself? 

Here we will list what all you will have to do if you pack everything yourself. 

  • You will have to gather all the packing supplies, i.e., all the bags, cardboard boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, items to label each box. 
  • You will have to map out the best way to pack each and everything safely either in the office or home. 
  • You will first start with packing clothes for each family member (tedious! We hear you.) 
  • Then come the electronics. Now, packing electronics is a tricky job, since it has a lot of wires, it’s delicate and to top it all it is expensive. 
  • You will have to separate the items that you don’t want to take/donate and take with you. 
  • Then comes the large furniture pieces that you will have to dismantle, and then assemble again if possible. But if the huge furniture pieces cannot be dismantled then you will have to look for alternative options to transport the furniture from one place to another. 
  • You will have to take extra precautions while packing fragile and decorative items that can be broken with even a little jerk. 
  • And most importantly to pack all the stuff, you will need to take a lot of time off from your occupied schedules and then to unpack all the stuff will take you another eternity. 

But what if we say all these things can be cancelled but you can still move? Yes, that is absolutely possible! 

Cancel – Packing on your own. Instead, call the removalist service and book them as soon as possible. Melbourne removalist services are the best removalists services that you can get to experience. They will make your moving burden go and you can move with utmost ease without having to worry about how everything will be managed. 

What will removalists services do? 

  • Melbourne removalists will be responsible for packing all your house or office supplies and items safely so that no harm comes to the items. 
  • Removalist services will bring their own supplies to pack all the items safely. 
  • The distinctions on the basis of what you want to take and what you want to donate etc can be communicated to the removalists.
  • As far as electronics are concerned, Melbourne removalists are professionally trained individuals (or group) who know how to safely pack the electronics and the concerned wiring system. 
  • As for the packing of the huge furniture. Expert removalists will be the ones who will be responsible for dismantling and then assembling it back together. 
  • & the best part is that you don’t have to worry about unpacking, fragile items moving and packing and also about the transportations. All the services will be provided to you by professionally trained (Melbourne) removalists with agility. 

So, how should you make a packing plan for moving? 

  • Mark your calendar for the date when you will be moving. 
  • Pick up your phone, search for the Melbourne removalists. 
  • Search for the ones with 4.6 to 5 stars and 100% customer satisfaction (PPA movers and packers.) 
  • Call them and book the service and voila you are all set for your moving day, without having to worry or run mindlessly as to what to pack and what not to pack and most importantly how to pack. 
  • Melbourne removalists will take care of everything! 
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